As part of our classroom discussion regarding the ‘Cost of Convenience’ we have decided that we are infact very ‘lucky’ to live in a country such as New Zealand. Although we understand that we are lucky – it seems that we must first decide ‘What is luck?’

This new post topic will allow you to explore your ideas and understandings of what you think the definition of luck actually is. Please be clear in your reasons and justifications – remember a definition is not only examples, but examples can be used to back up your definition.

Let’s see what you have got Room 18. Posted 26th March 2008.


In philosophy we have begun looking at the statement – “The Cost of Convenience”.
We have begun discussing what this means in its broad sense: The money cost of having things of convenience and the impact of convenience on our lives and the earth’s environment. This post will focus on your ideas about the impact of convenience products on our lives and the earth.

For this post you can talk about foods and drinks that you use in your homes and what you do to remove the rubbish from your homes. What are some ways that convenience products that you use be disposed of effectively and what do you think the cost is on the environment once those things have left your house.

It would be important for you to do a little research into this to make your answers more effective and believable. If you find some information on the Internet be sure to use advanced google search (if that’s what you use as a search engine) or the search equivalent, you MUST post the link you got the information from. Alternatively there are some great books available at school or in your local library – make sure to tell us the title, author and when the book was printed.

Check this one about bottled water. This is a direct cut from the site – accessed 24th February, 2008.
Most people, including children do drink bottled water. I have noticed that the majority of drink bottles in our school are infact made from branded (H2Go etc) bottles, and often it is these bottles that are found laying around the playground after lunch and sports. Surely there is a cost to the convenience of using bottled water  and I don’t mean just the cost of buying them.

So why are we still choosing bottled water over tap water?

Some argue that it is convenient, easy, and accessible. But we often forget there are long-term environmental consequences to convenience. There is mounting criticism that bottled water wastes fossil fuels and contributes to global climate change.
Here are some things to consider when making the choice to buy bottled water:

Let’s start with the plastic bottles they come in…

Plastics are made from oil and natural gas, both of which are non-renewable resources. Although PET (the substance that water bottles are made of) requires less energy to recycle than glass or aluminum and releases fewer emissions into the atmosphere, the processes used to collect the raw materials and the manufacturing of these plastics can cause serious pollution affecting both the environment and human health.

What about the waste?

The majority of plastic water bottles are not recycled and are quickly filling landfills around the world and polluting our waters (see The cost of convenience – in plastic form).

Don’t forget how the bottles are transported across countries and oceans…

A quarter of the 89 billion litres of bottled water consumed every year is consumed outside the country of its origin. The bottles are transported after manufacturing, bottling, and purchasing. Each kilometer traveled by a bottle produces unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions.

This is a thinking topic – it can be based on opinion, but you must have something to back you up, that is where the additional information you find comes in.

What can we do?

Looking forward to this one.

This is a map from, an online collaborative mind mapping tool. It can be worked on by more than one user at a time and is an alternative way for children to work together while in different locations. Web 2.0 is interactive and is not location bound. 

This map is a work in progress for Room 18, we will continue adding to it as our ideas grow. It will be up dated during this term.

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  1. I think that the school who throws rubbish on the floor will be punnished, otherwise the school will become a small dump.

  2. Gilbert,
    but if the school gets rid of the rubbish bins, some people are lazy to take their rubbish home so they will just dump their rubbish in the bushes and on the field, which could pollute the environment.
    Some people in N.Z spend their money by buying bottled water,becaused they are too lazy to take their own bottle of water,when they find tapwater is safe to drink.
    In different countries, such as Germany, Italy, France, and the other European countries the water that comes through their taps isn’t healthy.
    So everyone next time when you try to buy bottled water, remember how healthy tap water is in N.Z and how bottled water can cause you so much sicknesess.

  3. -Anna we need a worm farm because all the rubbish that you have normally goes into a bin but if you have a worm farm then the rubbish would go into the worm farm in stead of the dump- also did you know worm wee is very good for growing plants that are also good for the enviroment.
    I agree with nina there loads of people that litter and eat on the field and it would be good for there to be a reward for the people that also try and pick up rubbish at lunch time and help the enviroment. Also I think Kevin is right what would our school be like if it was a dump?
    your right Francesco but how would we comvince everyone to do all this recyling and stuff like that.

  4. I looked at the site on worm farms that Amelai suggested because I don’t know much about them. They eat phone books! Wierd.

    I also agree with Anna, Gilbert and Francesco that having more bins to sort our rubbish is a great idea.

  5. Hi Riley

    I was thinking about what you said and that is a good idea but people could always throw their rubbish on the ground. And if one person sees another maybe they will think it ok [but its not] to also thow their rubbish on the ground. if no one did thow their rubbish on the ground its a great idea.

    Bye,bye Camille

  6. What can we do to help stop pollution at balmoral school?

    I think that we can help saving our school and planet getting polluted s maybe take all our school bins and make us children take our rubbish home!!


  7. I think we should leave rubbish bin’s next to drain’s because if you are going to throw your rubbish down the drain you won’t because there is a rubbish bin next to it.
    I think we should take rubbish home because if we don’t have bin’s then we will throw them down the drain.


  8. Hi Room 18,

    As we discussed, this week you are to post on your ideas about ‘What is luck?’.

    Please refer to the instructions at the top of our main post.

    Looking forward to it Room 18.


  9. what is luck?
    I think that luck is something that is unexpected and you can have good or bad luck.
    Luck is A chance and you have got to have faith in your self to have luck like you could have been A really good dancer and someone was looking around to chose people to go into A performance group on that day and you had your dance class on that day then you got chosen that would be good luck because you happened to have been there on that day. I also think luck might be what you think it is then if you dont beleve in luck then you might say good luck is just a coincidence and bad luck is just bad or not good. that’s what I think luck is.

  10. Hi Kate,

    So what you are saying is that luck is real? If I think it is real, then I can have luck, but if not then everything is purely a coincidence? Does luck even exist? Your example of good luck in dancing was interesting – in that case was luck only the chance that you were there…?

    Many questions – what is our true definition?


  11. I think luck is somthing that appears suddenly when you’re not expecting it.
    Like if you wanted to get into the soccer team but you didn’t think you would and then you did. That would be luck.
    But if you thought that you were going to get in and you did, that woulden’t be luck because you already knew that were going to get in.
    I also think that you can’t make luck for yourself but you can make it for other people.


  12. is luck even real?
    im not sure but i explain as something
    that comes to you unexpectantly and is there
    is such thing as good luck and bad bad luck
    or is it just coincdence

  13. I think that luck is like when something good happens suddenly,it can also mean that your trying to get into a good team in any sport but you think that you will never get in but then you do get in so that might be luck. Nobody can make luck there selfs but you can give luck to someone else for example you lose $10 and somebody else finds it that would also be called badluck for the person who lost the ten dollars.

  14. What is Luck?

    I think luck is a chance it may be bad but it also could be good.finding $10 is luck on both sides because luck is a chancre so the person that lost it would have bad luck while the person with good luck would of found the $10. i also think luck comes into honesty because if you found a wallet with ID in it and you didnt give it back than it would be again bad luck for them & good luck for you.How would you feel if you lost your wallet and you never got it back and it had loads of monney in it?… …I wouldn’t i’d be quite upset.

  15. I think luck is an unexpected coincidence or an opinion you think. For example: if you tried for the cricket team and you got into the team you might call your self lucky others might call it a coincidence. So I really think you can believe whatever you like, it comes under luck.

  16. Hi its Felix
    I think you can make your own luck, for example if you wanted to get in to the soccer team you won’t just go out and play soccer, you would go out and try your hardest. If you didn’t practise and try your hardest and you did get in – that could also be lucky.
    You can have bad luck too – my cat has the flu but was vaccinated so that was bad luck.
    So luck can be a ‘chance’ but you also need make the most of those chances.
    Bye for now
    Felix (my name means good luck or fortune, happiness)

  17. What is luck?

    I think that luck is an opinion. Luck is also unexpected. There is good luck and bad luck. You can’t give yourself luck but you can wish others luck. eg If you’re at a swimming race and your friend is in the race you could say “Good luck.” That may give them good luck but, it may also make them nervous. So that will be bad luck and they will lose their race.


  18. Hi,

    adding onto my comment above…

    …HONESTY… in a game of tennis, unless it is been videowed it is the recivers call (if you said its ut its out). so if the ball was out and you said it was in it would be your point because you called it but if it was really in then you may win even though they should have.

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  19. what is luck?
    I think luck is real.
    I also think luck is your own opinion because say you find $10 on the ground you choose if it is good luck or bad luck.
    Luck also can be unexpected.
    I also really liked Kate’s post because you gave a lot of reasons.

  20. Hi Room 18

    I am enjoying the discussion Room 18, but a number of you are using the same examples – a team or losing money.

    Has honesty really got anything to do with luck Nina – or only your examples?

    The challenge I think is use different examples – the team is one way of viewing this discussion.

    If I crashed my car through being a bad driver – is it actually bad luck? Or if I was a careful driver and have never crashed any car I have driven – is that good luck?

    How is it that we are lucky to live in a country like New Zealand?

    Keep it up.


  21. Hi,
    I think that we are lucky to live in new Zealand because it’s nuclear free, its a free country so there are free votes unlike some places where there is a dictator, there are no wars and there is very good education.

    Isabella, why would saying good luck to someone make them nervous?

    Gilbert 🙂

  22. Hi room 18!

    Its Tessa from room30! I like your blog!

    Ithink luck is when somthing turns out right for someone.E.g If someone got a lotto ticket and it turend out that they won, they would be lucky.But you can als be lucky in other ways too, like living in NZ.E.g, we can get good jobs here and we have close ficilitys, shelter, clothing, food, warter and alot more. Although, some people are not as ‘lucky’ as us in some parts of the wourld. They do not have acsess to as many things as us.

    To get luck you may need to practise,
    to win a game. It depends on your thourts and how you think of something. You may think losing a game is bad luck, but anouther person may think not so badly of it and try and learn from thier mistakes to do better next time.

    Lots of diffrent people think of luck in diffrent ways.

    Keep up the good work room18!

    Visit my blogs:

    See ya 😉

  23. I think luck is something that can be unexpected. For example if you go to a school fair and find $10 on the ground, that would be lucky because you did not know it was going to happen.
    Sometimes you can be born lucky.For example you could be born to be good at everything.

    Amelia 🙂

  24. Adding on to my comment above. In my grade one ballet exam I lost my character shoes under one of my friends bed about two days before the exam but luckily I had another friend who had the same size feet as me so that was luck so I could still do the exam.


  25. I think we are lucky to live in New Zealand because;
    1. It is nice and clean unlike other countries.
    2. And because it’s a free country!
    Why do you think it will make people nervous Isabella?
    Why do you think you can make your own luck Felix?

  26. Using your example Andrew.

    If a car crashed for being a bad driver he would serve it right, he was the one which was not driving safely, he could have killed someone. BUT, if he made up a story to try and get the other person in trouble he might get in even more trouble and a big fine.

    If you had never crashed any cars before you could call yourself lucky.
    And just from saying that it makes me think that you can bring your own luck as if you have never crashed any cars before, then that was your choice sort of because you could just go outside right now and crash your car into someone else’s easy .

    Andrew- the more that I think about honesty coming into luck, the more I think it may not have much to do with it.

    Check out my blog:

  27. Answering to Anneke,
    it may make them nervous because it might make them nervous having people cheering them on. Also, making them nervous may not make them start on time so that is what will make them lose their race.
    Answering to Gilbert,
    the same as Anneke, having someone cheering them on may make them nervous.

  28. Hi again
    I agree with Nina that the more I think about honesty coming into luck, The more I think it has nothing to do with it.
    Isabella- Why would cheering someone on make them nervous.
    Gillbet- Would there be any other reasons to making us lucky in NZ?

  29. What is Luck!It is like when someone who is very lucky like for a example someone who gets a sticker and someone do not get one.
    People don’t always get luck.

    From Svetlana.

  30. Felix your kind or right you can make your own luck with that example is you trying your hardest but its also in believing in your self

  31. Hi ashley here
    I think luck is a choice for everybody,it could even be many things at one time E.g [because]
    if somebody you know got into the finals of a race you would be
    1.cheering them on which comes into
    3.hope for them and that bacisscally comes down to luck.

    Isabella, i think that was a very interesting point you thought up.

  32. Hi it’s Felix I think its lucky to live in a good contry because we have clean water, a house to live in, a nice school to go to, to have a nice family, to have no war going on around you. Also I still think that you can make your own luck sometimes but somethings are chance – I have two aunties with cancer and that is bad luck – and that is not their fault.
    See you soon

  33. I think that if he were a bad driver then it is his fault that he crashed a car because he was not the one who was driving properly and he probly knew that he was a bad driver so I don’t think it is bad luck because it would probably be entirely his fault.It is bad luck for the person he crashes into however!

    If you had never crashed a car before then you could say it was good luck. Which might mean that you could make your luck
    i think that we are lucky to live in NewZealand because:
    it is a free country
    it is clean
    there are no wars
    there are mostly nice people
    it is safe
    there is lots of cool places.

  34. I think that luck is when you find $10 but bad luck goes to the pirson that lost the money. when good luck comes to someone it is more likely that bad luck is happening at the sametime.

    I think we are luky for what we have in New Zealand. Some places dont have the stuff that we have. I am lucky that I live in New Zealand because it is a free country.

  35. i think that luck is something you chose like you say its a lucky day
    luck is also different to different people like what Andrew said about the money.

  36. What is Luck ?
    Luck is something good which happens to you that does not come from your own abbilities and efforts.
    ex:When you need a $5 note urgently and you see one lying on the ground that had been dropped by someone, you can say that it is good luck to the person who was in need of the money, also when you win a big lottory sometimes you can call that good luck too because a poor person who is in need of money can be rich.
    I think luck is something good that happens to you.

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