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Hi to all of our current and future readers … We have moved to a blogpsot address. Mainly due to the ease of use and the trouble we have been having adding media to edublogs.

The children of 2009 will also be part of a Google Applications for Educators trial and it makes perfect sense to use a Google hosted blogsite due to this. 

So here it is – Room 18’s New Site.

We hope to see you there sometime soon.

Big Business and Child Labour

Many big businesses in our world are using child labour to manufacture commonly known products. In class this week you have been able to witness images and information about Disney. Other companies, such as Nike, and GAP also have been found to flaunt slack laws in some countries, to employ cheap child labourers to make bigger profits.

For this post you must find other companies that also flaunt these children. Use your own words, but if using some copy and paste, ensure that you include a link for other people to follow.

Tell the world about this terrible problem!

Link to the Disney Video:

I thought that I would also post CJ and Iosa’s video here also, so that others visiting can see their efforts to support Unicef and children in need.

Link to video

Looking forward to your child labour posts Room 18!

Rich Task – Do all children play?

This term Room 18 children are looking at social justice and social action. We are investigating the big question – Should all children play? This includes looking at the topics of play, poverty, inequality and making change. We will work to select and support and fund-raise for an organisation that we have found the most beneficial to our chosen cause. 

Room 18, for this post provide us with information and links to organisations and information about our topics key areas as mentioned above. 

Remember to follow the links on our blog roll to find out more about support organisations. I have added Kids Can Charitable Trust to our link list – this is a charity dedicated to meeting the basic physical needs of financially disadvantaged children, levelling the playing field for them so they have the chance to reach their full potential.

Check these out these blogs too, they are looking at a similar topic as us – leave a message about what you have found out.

Wyatt 67, Tasmania, Australia.

Room 3, Te Awamutu have begun discussing the genocide crisis in Darfur. Click this image to view a video about this issue. Who supports the people in Darfur? Where is Darfur?        


Advertising …

Advertising is a huge part of our everyday lives. It is often aimed at selling us something, or letting us know about products, events, and other non-profiteering applications.

For this post, view and comment about these advertisements.

– Use of colour? Lettering?

– Use of sound? Music or voice?

– Use of camera angles and special effects to advertise the product?

– Is it a good advertisement? What makes it good or what can be improved?

View this coke-ad or the Barack Obama advertisement beneath. The coke ad should open in Media Player or you could download VLC Free Media Player here.

Barack Obama advertisment – Change.

Still Image Advertisements.

Pizza Mobile Phone ad.Old car ad


A range of ads from history.         

Click the 2 images above to enlarge.

The Leader in the front, the followers behind.

The Leader in the front, followers behind.

Ko te amorangi ki mua,

Ko te hapai o ki muri.

The Leader in the front,

the Followers behind.

This is a continuation of our rich task focus and our philosophy focus of whanaungatanga – togetherness.

There may be some of you who agree, or disagree with the Maori proverb, but just like any philosophical discussion, you will need to explain your reasoning behind your response and you must also refer to, discuss or challenge another poster’s point of view. State whether you agree? Why? Do you disagree? Why? Ask questions and explore this proverb.

What does culture mean to you?

This question will set off our journey to DEFINE the idea of culture and what it means to us.

Use this forum to post your ideas, and question the ideas of others. Remember to justify your ideas – give reasons. You can use hyperlinks and additional information from books and sites to assist you. To insert a link copy and paste it from the address bar.

Starting example: I think culture is ….  because … Culture to me is …

Beautiful? Dove Evolution Response

We have viewed the Evolution video in class, and came up with a huge range of questions that we will be narrowing down and discussing in our philosophy inquiry.

Evolution Screen Shot

In this post discuss your ideas about what this is clip is trying to say. What messages is it raising? What are your thoughts about it?

Remember to respond to and question other students.

Evolution – Click to play.

Shakespear Camp 2008

Shakespear Camp was an amazing place. Room 18, 17, and part of Room 19 had an excellent and fun time during their stay. You were all fantastic and we noticed that you were all supporting eachother during testing times. I will certainly be looking forward to another camp at Shakespear Lodge.

This post is a reflection place. Think about:

– What you enjoyed most and why

– Times that you were tested emotionally and physically.

– A time when you were supported by your friends and when you did the same.

– Your highlights of the camp.

– A way in which you grew through a challenge. For example; something you had never done before and are now ready to give it another try.

Click this link to see the slideshow – if you have a blogspot – you can copy and paste the embed code!

View this slideshow created at One True Media
Shakespear Camp 2008

Welcome to 2008!

Hi Room 18! Welcome to our class blog space for 2008.

This will be your first posting area and you will use this as a place to introduce yourselves. You have all read the class blogging rules and understand that our thoughts, ideas and information are available to be read from anywhere in our world.

So, now it is time to write a brief introduction about yourself. Include these things:

  • Your first name, and your year level.
  • Some family information – for example who you live with – no names please.
  • You may wish to name the area you live in. For example – Mt Albert, Sandringham, Mt Eden, Balmoral.
  • If you have links to other countries tell us about them. Maybe you have lived in other countries?
  • Some of your interests.
  • Set yourself some big goals for 2008 – they can be class related, sport related or even outside of school. What is it that you really want to achieve this year? We can look at these and time line them!

I am really looking forward to our blogging journey and can’t wait to read your comments.

Let’s get blogging Room 18!!